Nine Individuals

Spring 1997: Cellular phones and pagers were at their primes. Yes, pay phones still existed…..

Nine Individuals Meet

         “Ah! Don’t hurt me!” she shouted. Kenneth and Adam bolted towards them. Simone and Ike trailed after them. Kenneth took Zena off of Alana. Alana’s head jerked back and she screamed louder. Zena had a grip on Alana’s ponytail. Kenneth shook Zena’s hand violently to loosen her grip. Deziree was enraged.

         “GET OFF OF HER TRICK!” Deziree popped Zena in the mouth with her hand. Zena jumped towards her, but Kenneth wrapped one arm around Zena’s small waist. His other was pressed on Deziree’s forehead as she swung for Zena’s face. Adam ducked between Omar and Philemon. Adam blocked blows they tried to exchange. He pushed Omar away. Philemon saw Kenneth holding Zena and ran towards them. Adam ran after Philemon. Omar came pounding after. Alana took a nail file out of her purse and headed toward Zena. She was livid. Her hair was disheveled thanks to Zena. Simone stepped in front of Alan unexpectedly.

         “I don’t think you should do that,” Simone said calmly. Alana glared at Simone.

         “Do you want to get cut?” Alana enunciated slowly. Simone swallowed the lump in her throat. By this time, the young boy called Ike threw his arms around Omar’s leg. Omar dragged him as he came to Philemon.

         “I ain’t finished with you!” Omar shouted to Philemon, who was being pulled back by Adam. Omar’s jaw tightened. He winced a little, tasting a little blood inside of his mouth. Someone punched him real hard in the jaw while he was not looking. Omar was scary looking. His eyes looked like light bulbs. He felt the boy around his leg and tried to shake him off. The principal and security guards ran towards them. They broke up the fight and escorted them towards the principal’s office.

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