What is Your Norm?

A lot of people are not good at standing still alone. They run away from the quiet because they do not want to deal with themselves alone.

Sometimes, being alone is totally fine which is different from being lonely. Being around too many people or a distracting environment drowns out what you are trying to sort through to be purposeful in your life. … More What is Your Norm?

Candy Words

Why aren’t folks honest enough and say what they mean instead what you want to hear?

Words and actions can’t just match every now and then or sometimes…because those sometimes are only for the person to take from you without pouring reciprocity back into you. … More Candy Words

Rights of Passage

We’re not different from anyone, but because of misconceptions, tradition, and stereotypes, we are automatically viewed negatively when we as people are powerful beyond measure. … More Rights of Passage

Surface Level Friendships

When there is a lack of reciprocity in friendship, what is the purpose of friendship?

I began to define this type of friendship as surface level friendship. Both people know some information about each other and may confide about some situations they can relate to, but they only keep the friendship at a basic level. They know enough information to carry a conversation, but they really do not know a lot about you…in other words, they don’t really know you. … More Surface Level Friendships

I Got a Jones in My Bones

“Did you ever want to get out of something you knew was not for you but felt stuck? It’s like watching a series about your life, and this one episode you hate the most because the character is making the stupidest choices.”

“Vulnerability has it’s strengths, however you have to be aware of your weakness within your vulnerability.” … More I Got a Jones in My Bones


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