Adequate Courage

Sometimes inadequacy fills my spirit like a whirlwind,

And I wonder how I got here…but I’m here. Adequacy must exist.

It’s not from lack of confidence, but because there is so much more I need to do and sometimes what I feel I am doing is not enough.

Maybe I should have studied harder.

I get so impatient with myself til I hear the words “Keep going”.

I get so tired sometimes…so tired that I want to back away from everything and run.

I fight fear with courage everyday. It’s a fierce boxing match.

Some rounds I win.

Other rounds I almost cave in,

Until I’m reminder of why I am here,

And what my courage will do and bring in the atmosphere.

I don’t need liquid courage. That just covers up the mess.

I need spiritual courage because it exposes the tests I have to study for to progress my life further.

I’m not an A student in life. It’s just a Pass or Regroup.

Failure is just a lesson…not the end of everything…but the beginning of something.

A strength you never knew was there.

That’s the reminder I need.

Whether I buckle,

Whether I stumble,

Whether I fall hard,

Whether my spirit crumbles…

I’ll get up and continue being adequately courageous.

2 thoughts on “Adequate Courage

  1. Just wallowing in defeat is the same as giving up on yourself. But so long as you recognize your “inadequacies” and work on it, wallowing in defeat won’t even even occur and a background thought

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