No Fair!

….my country is bothering me.

I listened to Dazey tell me how difficult it was for her to get to a medical center only to see they did not have a site prepared to test for CO-VID 19. Dazey had to call her doctor to see where the next referral site was located. Let me give you some context.

Photo by Anshu A on Unsplash

Dazey is the regular American who is working day in and day out to take care of herself. The nearest location was too far from her and she was worried about losing her job because all hands are on deck. All this to find the nearest free clinic for her well being. Any other place or medical facility she would need insurance or Dazey would have to pay…yet getting tested for CO-VID 19 is free. When her boss saw that she wasn’t feeling well, they sent her home. She found a closer location where they will take her appointment virtually.

I honestly did not agree with virtual appointments, but I understand due to the severity of the virus contamination anyone nearby. The unfortunate part is Dazey had to cancel her appointment because the virtual appointment is not free. Between having to debate her job versus her health and the stress of the limited resources, it makes it hard on a regular American in a similar situation. Think of the others who have to go to work everyday while CO-VID 19 is still out there freaking people out and messing with the world’s mental state.

Fear, anxiety and paranoia is trying to cover this land when it was built on freedom.

The medicinal resources and facilities have become very limited because of this highly contagious disease which did not have to be contagious had this country prepared the people ever since the detection of the coronavirus before the end of 2019. It was so sad to see the tragedy of Kobe and his daughter’s death that established the tone of the New Year, yet I noticed something in a Facebook post. Someone posted the article of their death, and the column next to it spoke of the spread of the virus.

I remember seeing this and wondered if they were going to give us precautions seeing how quickly this virus spread in a country like China. Nothing was really done. We sat and watched Chinese citizens warn people through VPN, youtube videos of this deadly disease…yet no one saw this as a problem. Now America is looking a lot like Wuhan from 2019. The world is suffering due to lack of quickness and preparation. I am not saying we were ignorant to ignore it…but no one moved fast enough. We were like tortoises while the virus was moving like the hare.

How many other referenced local institutions are empty throughout the states who are unable to give the proper testing that people in Dazey’s situation need? There are people who can’t afford to miss work yet there is a worldwide health epidemic affecting so many people’s lives for the worst. 

I spoke with a medical worker who expressed how the facilities in Albany, GA are well over capacity. Basically, they’re unable to take anymore patients in for treatment overnight. The situation is bad. Even after a patient was tested positive for CO-VID 19 but they’re stable, they’re immediately released yet strongly advised to self quarantine.

How can this country care for the regular American in this position to avoid situations like this?

Shouldn’t all or the majority local facilities have test sites to assist in this worldly pandemic?

Many citizens use public assistance in order to make a living. What will happen to them when everything is shut down and we can’t help those who may be in Dazey’s situation or worse?

How is this fair?

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